Five Little Snowmen Song Math Activities January 13 2015


Singing the song. Using the flannelboard, chalkboard, Velcro® board or the floor, introduce this activity by placing the snowmen and numerals on the board. Without counting aloud, ask the children to estimate how many snowmen they think there are. Count them aloud with the students and then choose a child to find the correct corresponding numeral. Place the numeral on the board under the corresponding snowman. As you sing the song, remove each snowman as the song instructs. At the end add the four snowmen to the one left standing so that, once again, there are five snowmen.

Matching snowmen. Copy and cut out several snowmen that match the five you put all the board in the previous activity. Pass out one snowman to each child. Place one of the five snowmen up on the board. Ask the children to see if they have a matching snowman. If they have a match, invite them to place it next to yours.  Remove these and put up a different snowman. Repeat the activity so that each child has had a chance to match one of the five.


Musical Hats. Work on one-to-one correspondence with children by playing this game. You will need a CD player or tape player, music and one hat for each child. It is best if each hat can be different.

Place all the hats in a pile in the middle of the room. When the music plays, the children parade around the room. When the music stops each child puts on a hat. Look around the room and see if each child has a hat. If there is still a hat on the ground, the children find who does not have one and make sure he/she gets one. Before the music starts again, the children toss the hats into the center. The next time the music stops they each need to pick out a hat that they have not worn before.

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Dreidel song activities December 08 2014

Spin Like a Dreidel. If you can get a dreidel, demonstrate to the children how the dreidel spins and then falls. ( Call a local synagogue to get a dreidel or order one online.) Play the "Dreidel Song." The children spin around like a dreidel while the music plays. When you pause the music the children plop down on the floor similar to the way that a dreidel falls. When the music restarts, they get up and start spinning again. The children will want to do it over and over!

What is the holiday of Chanukah (Hanukkah)? This Jewish holiday falls at at the end of the year, but the date changes according to the lunar calendar. This year it begins on the evening of December 16 and ends on the evening of December 24.  It celebrates the rededication of the synagogue in Jerusalem when the Jewish soldiers, under the command of Judah Macabee, won back the Temple from the Syrians. When they recaptured the Synagogue the Jews found only enough oil to keep the eternal flame burning for a day, but miraculously the oil burned for eight days... long enough to make new oil. It is for this reason that Hanukkah is celebrate for eight days. In Jewish homes, a candle on the menorah is lit for each night of Hanukkah. Gifts are exchanged and families play the dreidel game and eat foods fried in oil. Potato latkes (pancakes) are a favorite Hanukkah food.