Music Explosion Curriculum Book and Music CD

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by Stephanie K. Burton


This complete early childhood curriculum makes a musical connection across the curriculum. It includes a cd of 34 classic children’s songs to use at circle time that introduce activities in reading,math, science, art, and social studies. After singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” the children might explore different aspects of transportation, do a sink and float science experiment, or build their own small boat out of collage materials. Following the song, “Old McDonald,” children might bring from home items that come from a farm, do math activities with plastic or flannelboard animals make farm animal sock puppets.

The units in Music Explosion are based on songs familiar to most children and to most early childhood teachers and parents. Literacy skills are encouraged in each section by suggesting opportunities for children to recreate verses to songs, write journals and develop class books based on the introductory theme. The fun of using music to motivate learning across the curriculum encourages the children to pay attention and helps the teacher to have a more productive, joyful and brain-compatible classroom.

34 Songs include: ABC, A-Hunting We Will Go, Baby Bumblebee, Bingo, The Bear Went Over the Mountain, De Colores, Down By the Bay, The Eensy Weensy Spider, The Farmer in the Dell, He's Got the Whole World, Head-Shoulders-Knees and Toes, Hickety Tickety Bumblebee, If You're Happy and You Know It, Jack and Jill, Johnny Hammers, Kumbaya, Little Bunny Foo Foo, London Bridge, Mary's Wearing a Red Dress, Miss Polly Has A Dolly, The More We Are Together, The Muffin Man, Old Mac Donald, Paw Paw Patch, Pop Goes the Weasel, Ring Around the Rosy, Row-Row-Row Your Boat, Shalom Chavarim, Shell Be Comin' Round the Mountain, There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly, Twinkle-Twinkle, The Wheels on the Bus, Where is Thumpkin?