Science Times with Nursery Rhymes

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Learning Magazine 2002 Teachers' Choice Award Winner!!
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by Stephanie K. Burton and Phyllis Campbell

Science and literacy come together at long last! Each of the 12 nursery rhymes in this book is followed by 5 hands-on science experiences that relate to a concept found in the rhyme. With “Jack and Jill ”you ’ll discover the effects of gravity. “Mary,Mary,Quite Contrary ” will lead you to the world of plants.“Roses are Red ” encourages you to explore the five senses.

Children love to feel the rhythm,hear the rhyme and experience the fun of nursery rhymes.Teachers find the nursery rhymes to be an effective way to encourage phonemic awareness and reading.Science Times with Nursery Rhymes helps children to see the relationship between science and literacy.

Science Times with Nursery Rhymes is guaranteed to put the “WOW ”into any teacher’s science curriculum. Order the hard copy of the book for $16.95 or the digital download as a pdf file for $12.95.