The Curiosity Shop Curriculum Book and Music CD

$ 21.95

2003 Learning Magazine Teachers' Choice Winner!!
by Stephanie Burton and Phyllis Campbell

Complete with CD or cassette, this book and CD set contains great ideas for integrating the curriculum through multiple intelligences,the five senses and hands-on learning.The Curiosity Shop Idea Pack contains fantastic activities that encourage young children to think about and explore the world around them. It comes with either The Curiosity Shop CD  which has a wonderful collection of traditional and original songs chosen for their appeal to young children. Catchy tunes and fun arrangements will have teachers and children singing along in no time. Each of the thematic units in The Curiosity Shop contains suggestions for large group activities, learning centers, musical connections and home/ school activities.

Units in the booklet include: Air All Around Us, Dynamic Dinosaurs, Fabulous Food, Our Bodies, Plants, and Wonder of Water

Songs include: Aikendrum; Air Rap; Defenseless Dinosaur; Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs; 5 Green Speckled Frogs; Gingerbread Man; Good Morning; Green Grass Grew All Around; Pizza Hut; Take A Feather; That's What They Taught Me; Turtle Rap; Good Afternoon

Click on a song below to listen to a sample:

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs

Gingerbread Man

Air Rap

Pizza Hut

Green Grass Grew All Around